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    Melbourne Inspired Father's Day Gift Guide

    Melbourne Inspired Father's Day Gift Guide

    With father's day just around the corner we know it can be a tough task to pick the perfect gift, so to help you in the ideas department we have put together our Melbourne inspired gift guide. Something for every dad to say a special thanks for everything we have put them through over the years.


    Grab him a bottle of Melbourne's own award
    winning Starward Whisky. Gain extra
    brownie points by booking him on a tour or
    masterclass and tasting for all the
    Melburnian's out there or visitors alike.
    For the foodie's out there treat dad to
    Melbourne's famous Chin Chin cuisine,
    if you can't get a seat bring Chin Chin
    to dad with his very own copy of the
    Chin Chin cook book. 
    Get a peggyLANE time instrument around
    his wrist to go with any dads wardrobe.
    Gift giving is made even easier with afterpay,
    let dad enjoy his time instrument now,
    why you pay for it later!
    Why not spoil dad to the sweet
    scents of Melbourne's favourite
    skin care brand Aesop you can't go
    wrong with the Moroccan Neroli
    Shaving Duet pack. 


    Melbourne. Saturday. Winter.

    Melbourne. Saturday. Winter.

    Published on 1st July, 
    by James Barwick

    We all know how it goes. You're a dude, you got the day to yourself in one of the most vibrant cities on earth and you get that luxurious oh-so-amazing feeling of 'I have no plans' just as you reach for the corner of your blanket to jump out of bed.  

    'A day to yourself' in Melbourne, as all us Melbournians know, isn't a feet-in-slippers-read-the-paper type scenario. With winter now well and truly upon us and the crisp Melbourne air buzzing with the pleasurable din of lively cafes, clanking trams and banter laden brunch dates, it's time to slip on your favourite winter attire (peggyLANE time instrument included, of course), and head out for a bit of me time.
    Me time, you say? But what do I do? Where do I start? Melbourne has so much to offer, and we've decided to show you a few of our favourite spots around the city for a gentleman's Saturday spent to perfection. Lads, it's time to head out and treat yourself to some of the hottest spots during the coldest months.
    9:00am - Little Rouge (Drewery Lane, CBD) @littleroguemelbourne
    Melbourne is coffee mad, and it basically goes without saying that we're spoilt for choice when it comes to grabbing a quality brew. For our morning buzz, we chose Little Rogue - a small coffee house hidden down Drewery Lane, right in the centre of the CBD. The coffee here is nothing short of excellent, and the cafe itself is super stylin', especially with its inviting blue door and warm, wooden interiors. If you're in the CBD and looking for one of Melbourne's finest cuppas to get you off to the perfect start, Little Rogue is one of the tastiest kicks around. (Be sure to admire some of the sweet artwork as you make your way down Drewery Lane).
    Melbourne coffee watch time


    10:00am - Seven Seeds (Berkeley Street, Carlton) @7seedscoffee

    10 minutes walk into the chill vibes of Carlton finds you at Seven Seeds, a brekky room with a smashing menu and an environment fit for the most relaxed of outings. The outside of the place is understated to say the least, but opening the doors reveals a bustling breakfast hot spot brimming with the winter benedict crowd. The coffee here for your second fix is great, and the breakfast even greater (would be rude not to get the chilli scrambled eggs, wouldn't it?). Melbs has a breakfast scene that is currently off the charts, and Seven Seeds is surely one of the leaders in an ever growing population of innovative cafes. The perfect spot to get your AM fuel in style with its warm interior, amazing food and trendy beats.

    11.10am Cry Baby Records (Therry Street, CBD) @crybaby.recordstore 

    Speaking of trendy beats, you can find some really unexpected things in Victoria Market, and as we strolled down the bustling isles, jam packed with punters and brimming with fresh produce and second hand wares, we decided to drop into Cry Baby Records, a stones throw away from the market proper itself, in Therry street. One thing that is sure to impress anyone is a healthy record collection, and Cry Baby Records has a great selection of house, RnB, Hip Hop and underground records for you to browse through. The vibes in this place are fly to say the least, and it's worth your time to visit and warm up in Melbourne's most unique record store.

    cry baby record store blog peggylane time

    11:30am - Market Lane Coffee (Therry Street, CBD) @marketlane

    Probably the most seen cup on Instagram and with good reason, cause the coffee is damned fine. Market Lane Coffee gets 5 gold stars from us, and as it was so close to Cry Baby Records, we couldn't resist. It's a crime against coffee loving if you don't experience a Market Lane brew, and we can guarantee that it won't disappoint. The shop itself was jammed packed with bean hunters when we arrived, all looking for that late morning buzz before hitting the markets. Market Lane Coffee has an extensive range of local and international coffee, so if you're feeling fruity or simply want your old regular, head to Thierry Street and treat yo-self to a cuppa joe from one of the best around.

    12:30pm - Mr Burger (Federation Square, CBD) @mrburgertruck 

    A good pre footy feed is essential for a day out in Melbourne town, and it's probably no surprise we turned our appetites towards the Mr Burger truck in Fed Square. Burgers are trendier than a top hat at the moment, and if there's anything I can say about Mr Burger, it's tasty as hell and always hits the spot. It seems everyone has their fave place when it comes to smashing a burger, but Mr Burger provides it all; a satisfying treat that you can eat in Fed Square (or if you're feeling adventurous, down by the Yarra), a juicy range of sides, and best of all, it comes straight out of a bright orange caravan. All these factors make it our choice when grabbing a burger in the CBD. It's an indulgent and cheap eat that you can grab on the way to your destination without the need to wait around for a table!

    Mr Burger watch blog melbourne peggylane

    2:30pm - Etihad Stadium (Docklands)

    Going to the footy during winter in Melbourne needs no introduction or explanation. The time honoured ritual of heading to the ground to watch your preferred team attracts thousands of people every weekend, both young and old, in a city that is absolutely sports mad. We couldn't resist adding this in as part of a day out in Melbourne, and nor should you, as it is the perfect focal point for any indulgent outing in the CBD. We all know the drill; grab a beer, cheer on your team and enjoy the atmosphere of the greatest game on earth. It just doesn't get much better.

    Etihad AFL watch peggylane blog

    7:00pm - +39 Pizzeria (Little Bourke Street, CBD) @39pizzeria

    Tucked away in Little Bourke Street back in the CBD is one of our favourite spots to grab a pizza, +39 Pizzeria. This place brings the goods when it comes to providing the perfect dinner after a full day of inner city activities, with its trendy, bustling interior and authentic thin crust pizzas, a real end of day treat to reward yourself for finally getting that quality 'me' time.  After the footy you'll be looking to end the day on a high, and if we could make one recommendation, the 'Capricciosa Italiana' at +39 is one of the finest we've sampled, and sure to satisfy with rich flavours and a crispy base. Quality food, a warm atmosphere and plenty of drinks on offer make +39 an absolute winner in our books. Plus, it's pizza, need I say more?

    9pm - Whisky and Alement (270 Russell Street, CBD) @whiskyandalement

    We couldn't go home without a little nightcap, and Whiskey and Alement provided the perfect venue to finally put the legs up and sip on some whiskey whilst winding down (they have over 800 varieties on hand, so there's something here for even the most discerning of whiskey enthusiast).  Found at 270 Russell street, it's intimate surrounds and interesting decor made for a blissful end to an action packed day, and if you're feeling like continuing the party back at your abode, they've even got a vast takeaway menu of single malt whiskey varieties to tempt you on the way out. Whiskey and Alement was the perfect ending to our day in Melbourne, and is a very unique and charming place to enjoy a beverage before heading home. A class act.

    whiskey alement melbourne blog peggylane

    Welcome to peggyLANE

    Welcome to peggyLANE

    [ a note from founding husband and wife duo ]

    We are absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of our online store! peggyLANE began as an exciting conversation over coffee at our local cafe in late 2014. At the time we thought how hard can it be? Well, we now know that the answer to that question is very hard, yet incredibly worth it. We have loved each and every minute we’ve spent putting the pieces together to create our first collection for you, ‘the primary collective.’

    Our brand is proudly born in Melbourne, Australia. Not only is Melbourne a striking city with a hustle and bustle that frequently becomes electrifying, it provided the inspiration for peggyLANE. In this bustling city of ours everyone appears to be on a mission to get to where they need to be - in a hurry, all the time. It became apparent to us that we’ve all become so time poor, swamped by our busy lives and hectic routines. We seldom allow ourselves the time to enjoy the simple luxuries in life; such as stopping to soak in the sunshine, or taking time out to linger over one of Melbourne’s famous coffees. This was the inspiration behind peggyLANE. Although at peggyLANE HQ we realise we are unable to give you the luxury of more time, we can give you the luxury of a quality time instrument, to ensure you keep track of those precious hours and to optimise the time you do have.

    With a solo sub dial, clean lines and effortless aesthetic, ‘the primary collective’ range is the perfect companion for any wardrobe and we can’t wait to see what you team your instrument of time with. We are so excited to finally share peggyLANE with you and hope you love our instruments of time as much as we have loved creating them. peggyLANE HQ