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Welcome to peggyLANE

May 11, 2016

Welcome to peggyLANE

[ a note from founding husband and wife duo ]

We are absolutely thrilled to announce the official launch of our online store! peggyLANE began as an exciting conversation over coffee at our local cafe in late 2014. At the time we thought how hard can it be? Well, we now know that the answer to that question is very hard, yet incredibly worth it. We have loved each and every minute we’ve spent putting the pieces together to create our first collection for you, ‘the primary collective.’

Our brand is proudly born in Melbourne, Australia. Not only is Melbourne a striking city with a hustle and bustle that frequently becomes electrifying, it provided the inspiration for peggyLANE. In this bustling city of ours everyone appears to be on a mission to get to where they need to be - in a hurry, all the time. It became apparent to us that we’ve all become so time poor, swamped by our busy lives and hectic routines. We seldom allow ourselves the time to enjoy the simple luxuries in life; such as stopping to soak in the sunshine, or taking time out to linger over one of Melbourne’s famous coffees. This was the inspiration behind peggyLANE. Although at peggyLANE HQ we realise we are unable to give you the luxury of more time, we can give you the luxury of a quality time instrument, to ensure you keep track of those precious hours and to optimise the time you do have.

With a solo sub dial, clean lines and effortless aesthetic, ‘the primary collective’ range is the perfect companion for any wardrobe and we can’t wait to see what you team your instrument of time with. We are so excited to finally share peggyLANE with you and hope you love our instruments of time as much as we have loved creating them. peggyLANE HQ